Accommodation in Madrid, Spain:

English Teaching Abroad Academy provides free pre-enrollment advice, as well as pre-departure support.We provide you airport transfer and housing in Madrid. Our most exclusive course include accomodation in the form of a private or shared apartment as well as host families.

Host families

For those that want the ’round the clock’  Spanish experience, living with a family is the best option! This is especially true for short term accommodation options where you will really put your Spanish through the paces by practicing it at breakfast and dinner with your family. Just think of it as your mini Spanish school with delicious food. You can still enjoy the amazing night life of Madrid as you will have your own key. The host families are used to having Spanish students in their home so they know how to make you feel comfortable and ensure the food is of a high standard.  In our opinion this is the best option for a stress free option where your Spanish will get that extra boost.

Shared Apartments

You will share a flat with other international students, probably your Spanish classmates. It’s the perfect opportunity to make friends in Madrid and enjoy the freedom of living your Spanish adventure.

You will be provided with detailed information on moving, health insurance and suggestions for long-term employment from experienced career advisors with years of experience in the TEFL field around the world.


Madrid is an energetic and exciting city that we are sure you will enjoy. We know that our students have individual tastes and preferences when it comes to accommodations. With this in mind, we offer clean, affordable and fully serviced facilities in a numberoflocationsthroughout the city. We promise that we will do our best to accommodate your housing preferences indicated on the application form. As well, we regularly monitor the standard of the accommodation provided and encourage your feedback at the end of the course.

The cost of staying in our “standard” accommodation for the duration of the one month course is €400 – €450. You will be housed in a clean, attractive, comfortable apartment, shared with two or three other students, either completing a TEFL course or studying other educational courses.
Most of these apartments are in the “Example” area, the city’s main shopping and business district and near to the centre. There are plenty of reasonably priced places for food and this is a good place to be at night, as many of the city’s trendy bars and restaurants are located here. The area is well served by both metro and bus services. Should you wish for more luxurious up-town accommodation, with a quieter and more sophisticated ambiance, this can be arranged, albeit at extra cost.