TEFL Overview:  TEFL stands for Teaching English as a Foreign Language and it is one of the fastest growing educational fields in the world, presenting thousands of excellent professional opportunities in all corners of the globe to native and fluent English speakers who achive their TEFL certification.

On site TEFL / TESOL Training:

International 120 hour TEFL / TESOL Certification. English Teaching Abroad Academy onsite course not only provides a fantastic opportunity to earn your TEFL certification in a great foreign location, but also typically provides an excellent inside track on the local job market where the course is taken.

A typical four-week onsite course features a combination of academic instruction, role playing and hands on teaching with local students. (Place picture)

How to determine a reputable TEFL / TESOL certification course?

Our course is:

  • 120 hours TEFL / TESOL Certification. 105 hours course work and 15 hours practicum.
  • Our certification is internationally recognized and accredited.
  • Our course is taught by a highly experienced university level instructor.
  • Our class size is very exclusive and limited to 6 students, to ensure an intimate learning experience and access to the professor.
  • After completion, you will receive free job search guidance, including personal attention and service from experienced career advisors with years of experience in the TEFL field.

Classes are typically held Monday through Friday from 10 am to 7 pm with some homework and/or student teaching in the evenings. Weekends are open for exploring the city and surrounding areas. Social gatherings and cultural activities are also arranged for those who wish to participate.