Your English Teaching Abroad Academy certification course will provide you with the skills necessary to teach a broad variety of students.

Adult Students

Adult learners represent the largest segment of students that most English teachers work with when they go abroad to teach English.

  • Types of business professionals, corporate executives and employees. Some companies will contract with a local language school to bring a teacher onsite to provide instruction to employees, others will send their employees to a class at the school.
  • Small business owners who work extensively with English speaking customers
  • Those working in tourism and the hospitality industry
  • University students looking to study abroad, who are conducting research in fields dominated by English or are looking to obtain employment in an English speaking country.
  • IT and the web
  • Enterteinment, those looking to enjoy English language movies, books, music, television an other media.

Teaching English to children

Public schools are increasingly seeking native English teachers to provide high quality English language instruction. In addition, many parents enroll their children in language classes at private language institutes after school to supplement the instruction the receive in school.

What sort of school will I teach in?

Private Language shools

The majority of opportunities for TEFL graduates will be in private language shcools. These are generally privately owned enterprises specializing in language training (usually English) and can range in size.
Some will specialize in areas such as business English or young learners, while others may offer general classes to students of all levels and abilities.
Schedules vary, but on average you will teach 25 to 30 hours a week. A common shift is from 2 p.m to 9 p.m.

Public Schools

Public schools systems hire native English speakers to work in grade schools and junior high schools. Classes typically run from Monday through Friday, averaging 25 to hours a week of classroom time. Expect an average worday to begin at 8 a.m and last until 4 p.m.

Private tutoring opportunities

Private lessons are in high demand while teaching abroad in Spain. Private English lessons offer a great opportunity to earn extra income and to get to know students on a more personal level.

Summer Jobs

Summer camps in Spain offer four to six week summer teaching jobs. These opportunities are great for those looking for shorter experience working overseas as well as those who enjoy working outdoors with children and teenagers.


Experienced TEFL teachers with advanced degrees may find openings at the university level. These positions provide opportunities to work with advanced students and typically pay higher than positions in private language institutes or public schools.

How much money can I make?

Your income as an English teacher will depend on your position, qualifications and the country where they teach. English teachers in Spain earn a wage that allows them to live very comfortably and save part of their salary.
Working with an English Teaching Abroad Academy advisor can assist you with researching you placement choices in advance to make an educated decision.

Finding English teaching jobs overseas

English Teaching Abroad Academy will assist you with your job search in several ways.

  1. Personal guidance from an experienced job search advisor.
  2. Job boards, there is a large number of ESL job boards listing thousands of teaching opportunities around Spain.
  3. Contacting Schools Directly, English Teaching Abroad Academy provides you with a school directory with contact information for an extended number of educational institutions around Spain. English Teaching Abroad Academy can also provide you with specific references and contacts for International English academies such as Toefl Madrid Academy (www.toefl-madrid.com), American High Stand Academy (www.americanhighstand.com) , companies, and private clients.
  4. Networking and word of mouth. Contacting other English teachers working abroad can be a great way to learn about schools and job opportunities. English Teaching Abroad Academy will help you in the direction of the best options based on your background, wants and needs.